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Scientific Procurement and Empowering Women in Science


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BVS saves you money

Bringing a new drug to market – from discovery through clinical trials to approval is complex and typically costs investors more than $2 billion. BVS reduces these costs while advancing your research by making sure you have access to all the next-generation technologies, scientific tools and information.

BVS saves you time

With our speed dating scientist-vendor showcases, FlashTalks, summits, seminars and special events, we make sure to work closely with your existing supplier agreements - as well as introduce you to the most innovative people and unique tools in today's biotech industry.

Special Green Events

Labs consume about four to ten times more energy, water, and other materials than do offices and classrooms. In addition to our scientific and research technology events, we are able to assemble quality speakers, advisers, and vendors who support sustainability and green chemistry initiatives for your company.